Original Posts Only

We would love to feature your original insights on a case study, strategy, event, lesson or insight and require that the content be your original work. If the piece is something that you are repurposing please be sure that it is not used verbatim anywhere else on the internet (we will check).

We accept text and video submissions and if selected allow your blog to be published on our site once per quarter.

Basic Guest Post Guidelines

  • You must be a member of Women in Branding and actively working in the industry, in order to submit an article
  • You must have a standalone website (ie, not mybrand.blogspost.com) which meets our visual brand standards (basically, it should be branded, professional and represent the industry standards)
  • Article submission must be an original work, free of any spelling or grammar typos.
  • Article should include a list of qualified keywords and tags.
  • Article must educate, entertain or empower members of Women in Branding and not be written with a self-promotion slant. Promotion will be allowed in the author bio (see below)
  • Submission grants the Women In Branding editorial team the right to edit/make changes to your content.
  • Article must include a summary (up to 75 words)
  • Submission does not automatically guarantee publication. If your article is selected for publication you will be contact before it goes live.
  • Content should preferably fall between 600-800 words, but the maximum is 1,600
  • Try to keep your headlines as keyword focused as possible, ideally 50-60 characters
  • Limit your use of exclamation points, all caps, slang, jargon and emphasis.
  • Do not use anchor text.
  • Please do not include HTML links in your post. If you want to add an href link, please provide the link in brackets [www.example.com]. We will do the linking.
  • Disclose any conflicts of interest, such as partnerships with, or investments in, any companies/technologies covered in your article

Bio Guidelines

  • Please provide a brief 2-3 line bio below your article, including your website.
  • You may mention your service, product or resource, but not all three.
  • A photo must be provided

If you have any questions about the blog submission process or have a special pitch in mind, please contact us by phone or email.